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Now that’s a pretty silly headline isn’t’ it?

But it’s probably no sillier than at least one of the “quit your job tomorrow” products you’ve bought in the last month or two.  How could I possibly know that?
Because you’re not the first.

Does this sound familiar?

You spend your hard earned dollars on some product that promises easy profits using an “Autopilot” technique that no-one has ever heard of.
Then you spend hours of your precious free time implementing this “new” strategy only to find out that it just doesn’t work for you.
All that time and money wasted!
Now you have to start all over, and you’re not one day closer to your dream of escaping your 9 – 5.

Don’t blame yourself.  It’s not you.  It’s the game.

When you are new to internet marketing you aren’t sure which direction you should take.  Marketers know that and they prey on it.
They show you a direction – and then they sell it to you.
The thing they don’t tell you is that their system doesn’t work for everybody.
Or that their training materials are full of holes that even experienced marketers would have a hard time filling in without buying more of their products.
When you start your quest to make a living doing marketing online, you don’t need a get rich quick system.  What you need is basic training in the skills you must have in order to succeed.

“ Hi there, My name is Brad Gosse. You may or may not have heard of me, but I have been a successful internet marketer since 1997.  I own hundreds of websites selling countless products, services, software and reports. I am in demand as a speaker at events training and motivating new and experienced internet marketers across the country.  In short, I am my own boss – nobody tells me what to do and I get to do just what I enjoy. One of the things I enjoy is helping people like you succeed in having the life they always wanted. Over the past decade and more I have fine tuned a method for creating value online.  I want to share that method with you.”
Brad Gosse, Creator of Newbie Camp
It really doesn’t have to be that hard

If you are like so many others out there you have been buying one system after another, trying to figure out just what will work.
So you take a piece from this course here and another piece from that course there – someday you’ll probably even put those pieces together into a system that works for you.
But by now you’ve probably realized that that’s a really expensive way to learn internet marketing.
If only you could just find all the pieces in one place at a reasonable price.

I know exactly where you’re coming from

I meet people just like you every day.  I hear their stories.  I see their frustration.
Like you, they long for one place where they can learn all the basics.

That’s Why I Created NEWBIE CAMP

NEWBIE CAMP is my answer to the one size fits all training that so many “Gurus” are trying to convince you will work for you.

If you are looking to get rich in your first few months online, just move on to the next offer – Because I can’t help you.

I am not promising some pie in the sky get rich quick scheme.  The fact is nobody can, and anybody who tells you different is selling you sunshine, plain and simple.

But if you truly want to learn the basics; If you truly want to get the training you need in order to have a long and prosperous career in internet marketing; If you truly want to succeed – then I want to help you.

When you join NEWBIE CAMP you will receive

The Basic Training in the universal skills that will get you started on a long and successful career in Internet Marketing.  Inside you will have instant access to basic training in

  • Choosing and buying a targeted domain name that will give you a jump on SEO
  • Getting a  hosting account and directing your domain to it
  • Setting up a WordPress blog and optimizing it so Google loves it
  • The plugins you need to use to maximize your success
  • Writing Articles for your blog that entice customers to stay on your site longer
  • The keys to on page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Using Google tools to measure and track your efforts – because you need to know where you are so you can get where you want to be
  • Outsourcing those tasks you don’t care to do
  • Getting traffic to your site – even the best site won’t convert with no traffic
  • Building a list and setting up an autoresponder  (the money is in the list)
So is this just some boring homework site?

Far from it.   I know that the best way for you to master a skill is to apply the knowledge I am giving you as you learn it.
That is why, along with the basic training I have personally selected for you, I have included a full immersion video training course.  In  easy to follow videos we  will take you step by step through my tried and true system for setting up an internet marketing site that can be ready to deliver downloadable products to customers in 24 hours or less.
Tap in to over a decade of my trial and error experience as I share with you

  • Step by step instructions showing you how to set up your site for maximum effect
  • Exactly which hosting company you should use
  • The plugins I use on every one of these sites to maximize their performance
  • How to choose a product to sell
  • What payment processors  I use and why you should too
  • I’ll reveal the network of suppliers I use to find the products I offer on my own sites
  • How to get your site ready for your downloadable offering , how to protect it from theft, and how to safely get paid
  • The search engine marketing techniques you should use to get your sites noticed and start getting traffic – and how to outsource this if you choose to

And best of all I will show you where to buy licenses to sell products that other people create – all for pennies on the dollar.
See what members are saying about NEWBIE CAMP:

Andrew Wainwright
Testimonials After a Live Training Session
And the training doesn’t stop there

Once you have learned to master the basic techniques and build a fully functioning site selling downloadable products (or perhaps more than one), you will want to diversify.
You already know that in this age of Google slaps and Amazon delisting you don’t want to have all your marketing eggs in one basket.  So when you are ready to branch out, we are ready for you with additional training.

Chose a direction you would like to go and get started on –
  • Product Creation
  • Creating software
  • Building Membership Sites
  • Creating an article directory
  • Flipping websites
  • Facebook Fanpages
  • Copywriting
  • Fiverr
  • Salespages
  • Adwords
  • CPA
  • PLR
  • And More
So, if you are ready to

Get serious about learning the actual nuts and bolts of Internet Marketing
Take charge of your own future
Begin building a business that will finally give you the freedom you have been longing for
And quit wasting hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on system after system without having any idea whether they will work for you or not
Then you know what to do.

Join Newbie Camp
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Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Your satisfaction is our top priority!

To Your Success,

Brad Gosse

P.S: I hate these PS’s in sales letters but you just proved they work! Since you are reading this I want to remind you that there is no risk with this offer. If you are not happy for any reason at all we will refund your purchase.
P.P.S: PPS!!? Really!? Well what can I say? 🙂 Enlist Now or give me 10 push ups.

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